Product Details

The HS410-C2-B6L-UNP-SPEC.HPFO filtration system is designed to replace the Kaydon filtration system found on Sequa bodymakers. It will remove moisture, sludge and hard particulate from the bodymaker equipment lubricating oil. Typical production improvements from having clean oil include reduced tear off rates, minimized cam face wear, diminished lee jet blockage and longer bearing life. The filtration system features a rugged, floor mount stand and comes complete with the required pressure reducing valve, connection fittings and hoses. The heart of the system is the unique, high capacity 400 Series Hydra-Supreme B6L filtration element that has proven itself capable of maintaining new oil quality over extended periods of time thus eliminating the need for periodic gearbox lube replacement and greatly reducing internal wear in the bodymaker. This system utilizes the existing high-pressure pump for flow and is also available as an OEM item for Sequa B-6 bodymakers.

Technical Specifications
Model Number:
System Height:
42" (107 cm)
13" (33 cm)
18" (46 cm)
78 lb. (32 kg)
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