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The HS410-C2-B6L filtration system, is designed to remove moisture, sludge and metal particulate from the gear lubricant used in two piece can manufacturing equipment. The filtration system features a sturdy, floor mount stand, close coupled rotary ring gear pump and a field adjustable pressure warning light system. The pump and motor are both oversized to compensate for the higher production rates being achieved with the new B-6 Model bodymakers. The D50 and D60 designation indicate the electrical service ( 50 or 60 Hz ) for which that the motor is designed to operate with. The heart of the system is the unique, high capacity 400 Series Hydra-Supreme filtration element. This patented filter provides long service life and increases productivity by eliminating lee jet blocking, reducing machine wear and greatly extending the effective lubricant life span.

Technical Specifications
Model Number:
System Height:
42" (107 cm)
13" (33 cm)
18" (46 cm)
110 lb. (50 kg)
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