Our Mission

HTI Filtration Inc. is a specialty filtration company whose mission is to increase our customer productivity by maintaining the accuracy and efficiency of lubricated and fluid power equipment and reducing the consumption of hydrocarbon resources. We do this by preserving the quality of the oil used by removing contaminants that typically are not captured in conventional filtration.

The functional basis for our filtration products are based on an array of patents, allowing our products to perform in situations that would defeat normal filtration processes. By developing our own technology and building our products to exacting standards, HTI has gained a reputation for providing unsurpassed performance in our field. The ability to manufacture to the exact needs of our clients, gives us a distinct advantage over distributors who cannot control the design or function of equipment they sell. Our proficiency in designing allows us to provide equipment that meets the specific needs of our clients without compromise and provides the maximum benefit for their investment.

HTI Filtration has exclusive technologies that allow us to clean oil to very exacting cleanliness levels and to economically remove large volumes of water. Our Hydra-Supreme filters have an exclusive flexible seal that assures constant high efficiency filtration from the moment of initial use through the final moments of its life without shedding back debris or bypassing. Many variations of this filter design have been developed for applications ranging from military flight simulators to tunnel borers digging beneath the ocean floors. The Hydro-Fil water absorption bag revolutionized the way water is removed from lubricating oils. This unique design has made it economical to clean wet oil that previously would have been discarded, and to maintain exacting machine function in wet atmospheres. HTI Filtration is proud of our contribution to reducing the generation of waste oil and helping our clients achieve higher levels of productivity.

Our Story

HTI Filtration was born from the need to create a filtration product that would effectively clean hydraulic fluid aerospace test benches. Founded in 1985 as Hydra-Tech Hydraulics, the company was in the business of designing and building test benches for servo valves used extensively by military and commercial aviation companies. Recurring problems with test fluid failing to meet the required specifications led to experimenting with commercial filtration products and resulted in a patent for a new type of filter. This filter was incorporated into the Hydra-Supreme line of filters and introduced as a new product line. The newly designed filter avoided leakage, by-pass, and capacity problems encountered with previously produced filters. Most importantly, it allowed customers to consistently meet the necessary rigid fluid cleanliness.

The new filtration products line quickly became the focus of the company and the application of these high efficiency Hydra-Supreme filters spread beyond the aerospace industry. In the ensuing years, Hydra-Tech developed new technologies that provided enhanced water removal and high durability of water saturated filters along with system designs for use in extreme environments. In 2003, Hydra-Tech Hydraulics moved from its Torrance location to Stanton, California and at that time was renamed HTI Filtration to reflect the focus on specialty filtration systems.

Tragically, on the evening of April 13, 2013, a fire spread from a neighboring business and totally destroyed the Stanton facility. Despite this devastating blow, HTI recovered quickly with the help of devoted and hard working employees, valued vendors and very patient and loyal customers. Within three weeks of the fire, HTI was successfully shipping from a temporary facility, and in July 2013, moved to its current headquarters in an expanded facility located in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. In 2021, HTI moved to Colorado Springs and continues to grow and develop new applications, expanding to meet new client needs and spanning the globe with user focused applications of the unique HTI filtration technology.