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The HS410-CV-B6L-UNP filtration system is designed to remove moisture, sludge and hard particulate from gear lubricants used in Sequa B-5 body makers.  The 810-009 models are bolt-on replacements for the Kaydon filters used on systems with cart mounted heat exchangers where the heat transfer tubes are vertically mounted. The heart of these systems is the unique, high capacity B6L Series Hydra-Supreme filtration element that has proven itself capable of maintaining new oil quality over extended periods of time. Using this filtration system eliminates the need for periodic gearbox lube replacement due to increasing water and metal content, reduces tear-off rates by keeping the lee jets open and improves component life by keeping the oil clean and clear. Bodymakers with over 100 PSI normal operating pressure on the heat exchangers will need to add pressure reducing valve kit  # 460-013 to maintain a safe operating environment.

Technical Specifications
Model Number:
System Height:
36" (92 cm)
13" (33 cm)
13" (33cm)
60 lb. (41 kg)
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