Product Details

The 810-022 filtration system is a mobile unit designed to remove moisture, sludge and hard particulate from hydraulic fluids to 500 SUS viscosity. The filtration system features a rugged, wheel mounted stand and comes complete with a dedicated pump, motor, connecting hose and SS drum wands . Model 810-022 is designed to support general hydraulics while the -022.1  model is designed to maintain critical duty hydraulic systems that utilize servo valves. The system can be used to clear reservoirs, clean oil inside drums and to transfer oil from drums into reservoirs. The heart of the system is the unique, high capacity 400 Series Hydra-Supreme filtration element that has proven itself capable of maintaining new oil quality over extended periods of time thus greatly extending the time between periodic fluid replacement and reducing internal wear.

Technical Specifications
Model Number:
System Height:
45" (114 cm)
24" (61 cm)
16" (41 cm)
155 lb. (74 kg)
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