Product Details

Hydra Supreme HC211 filtration systems are designed to remove water and particulate from lubricating oil circuits. Our Model 830-015 is designed to work with Angelus seamer systems and is available only through Angelus Sanitary Can. This system applies the patented Hydro-Fil water bag to absorb free and emulsified water in series with the Hydra Supreme series filter element, which removes both hard and soft particulate from the oil supply. The 830-015 is designed for use with lubricating fluids ranging from 350 to 1000 SUS (at 100 F). Each system comes completely assembled and ready for mounting inside the seamer enclosure. This system has a remote mounted motor and dual output pump with external relief valve, (Angelus # F00008M214AAAA7), flow sensing switch, dual pressure switches and low resistance diversion valve for automatic refilling of the Trabon lubricating system.

Technical Specifications
Model Number:
System Height:
24" (61cm)
22" (56cm)
13" (33cm)
84 lb. (38 kg)
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