Brass and Aluminum Cold Forming Problems

August 1, 2014

High speed cupping and cold forming operations have traditionally used magnetic filters and/or bag type and pleated paper filters to remove the metal particulate from the lubricating or hydraulic oil streams. This works reasonably well for machines forming ferrous metals, but types of filters are not effective on non-magnetic metals or on very small particulate. The current manufacturing climate has placed new emphasis on high speed forming of non-ferrous metals such as brass and aluminum on larger scale presses, and in addition, has created some new fluid cleanliness problems. Not only are non-ferrous metal fines and chips more difficult to capture, but they also tend to react more quickly with any moisture to form acids and sludge in the oil. This leads to oil film break down, increased varnish accumulation, depleted oil protection and eventually manufacturing errors.

A customer with an aluminum cupping operation was experiencing constant die release contamination on their hydraulic cupping press and came to us for help. Our examination of the equipment and maintenance records showed rapid seal deterioration due to metal fines making their way into the hydraulic oil and reduced lubricity due to the die release contamination of the hydraulic fluid.

An 810-051.3.1 Hydra-Supreme Cupping Press filter was installed and the existing fluid was replaced. The system has now been running for several months with the fluid showing no signs of coolant/die release accumulation and the press has been running error free.

Most modern coil fed presses use a combination of hydraulic power and controls that respond well to effective off-line filtration. Keeping the hydraulic fluid clear of particulate and moisture contamination not only extends seal life and enhances the control function, but also allows uninterrupted production when the filter needs to be changed out. Clean valves are accurate valves, and it all starts with keeping the oil feeding them clean.

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